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Soul Stretch Yoga & Wellness provides coaching & consulting business services. We work with business owners in the wellness space and we focus on:

  • Program Analysis: To help you identify what programming and learning opportunities your business should provide.

  • Program & Course Design: Lay out what your offering will look like and the experience your clients will have based on the content and method of delivery.

  • Program & Course Development: Coach you through developing and maintaining your own programs, courses, and offerings.

  • Revamping of Program Curriculums: Review your current programs and provide recommendations for improvements.

  • Assessments & Evaluations Design: Analyze your current assessment and evaluation tools, help you identify desired data to collect, then recommend improvements.


We work in partnership with our clients to help you offer the most efficient and effective program offerings to their customers and clients.


Sometimes providing programs, courses, and resources for your customer base can be frustrating … at least the brainstorming process can be. What most small business owners know is this: You have the knowledge that others need, but you aren’t quite sure how to package and offer it! That’s where our coaching services come into play. During our coaching sessions, you can:

  • Share your ideas about potential offerings, then receive feedback and recommendations about your offerings and how to roll them out.

  • Ask questions about your programs, content, and ideal offerings; and receive answers.

  • Receive ongoing support during the design, development, and rollout of our offerings.

We provide a comprehensive analysis and customized step-by-step action plan with completion metrics to guide you, from start to finish, on providing your offering to your customers and clients.



Maybe you know that you have something to offer, but you’re not quite sure what it should be. Or, maybe you have existing offerings, but you know it can be more efficient and effective. If this is you, then business consulting may be what you need. During consulting, you receive coaching and it includes:


  • Program Analysis

  • Program & Course Design

  • Revamping of Program Curriculums

  • Program & Course Development Coaching

  • Assessment & Evaluation Design


We focus on providing you with advice on strategy, problem-solving, resource development, and a plan to improve the performance of your business’s offering.

Additionally, we connect you with resources to help you in the development of your offering, if you choose to outsource.

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